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Historie sboru


October – official creation of the choir, a so called "pre-voks", from a random assortment of singers who met to sing in their free time

The first rehearsal took place in the flat of Martina a Standa Kneifl, who still are very stubborn members of the choir today. Our motto – to create a high-quality amateur chamber choir of 17 singers to sing music of any genre and style and with a fixed assortment of singers, only seeking external assistance in case of regular member sickness (with the exception of works written for larger choirs which would suffer when interpreted by such a small number of people). The current form of the choir took about 1 year to mold.


At the first concert at the Hussite church in Vršovice we worked with the singer Klára Brabníková (programme: Tůma, Bortňanskij, Pitoni, Trnavský, Spanish folk songs, etc.)

Some of the concerts from the series Pražští pěvci a přátelé zpívají pro Pražany at the St. Vavřinec church at Petřín:

  • with the men’s quartet
  • our own concert
  • with the spiritual band Grandis

We perform a series of Advent concerts at the Foerstr Hall (programme: Britten - Ceremony of Carols, a selection, Trnavský - Neopúšťaj nás, Bortňanskij - Tebe pojem, Koncert č. 32 and others), at the Bohnice clinic in the St. Wenceslas church; guests: Renata Pušová, Klára Kunčíková, Olga Kalvodová.


In April we perform at the graduation concert of Androniki Athanasi at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University (programme: Greek and Spanish folk songs).

We take part in the spiritual music festival Šumava - Bayerischer Wald A concert at the St. Oswald Kirche (programme: Britten - Ceremony of Carols, selection, Fauré - Requiem, selection) guest: Mirek Navrátil. Again, a series of Advent concerts is organized, including a now traditional appearance in the church at the Bohnice clinic in Prague.


We sang with the Bohemiachor at Mnichovice (programme: Fauré - Requiem). In April, we perform at the Czech Police Force Museum. In June we take part in the Muzejní noc (The Night of Museums) project, we give a concert in the casemates and at the Gorlika Hall at Vyšehrad – live broadcast for Czech Radio. There also is a concert at the National Museum in Prague – live broadcast for Czech TV.

In June we sang at the international choir competition called Svátky písní Olomouc (Song Festival in Olomouc). We placed first in the category „Komorní sbory superior“ (Chamber Choirs Superior; 99 points); we reach the finals, together there are 157 participant bodies.

We sang at the Salzburg St. Erhard Kirche; guest: Žaneta Nováčková.


In March we sang at the graduation concert of the organist Žaneta Nováčková. The programme included music by C. Franck, A. Honeger, M. Duruflé, Ch. Tournemir and the Messe Solennelle by Louise Veirne, Op. 16, in which we performed. In May we participated in a direct broadcast for Czech Radio 3. In June we recorded the Messe Solennelle by Louise Veirne, Op. 16 at the church of St. Ludmila. We also participated on the oratory by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy at the St. Antonín church together with the Piccolo Coro and Octopus choir and the Piccolo orchestra.

In June we also performed at the beneficiary concert at the St. Salvator church. The money raised went to refugee support.

In November we took part in the Pražské dny sborového zpěvu (Prague Days of Choir Music) festival where we ranked second in the mixed choir category and we won the special prize of the jury for folk song interpretation.


In April we sang at the St. Martin in the Wall church with the Picolo Coro choir (under Marek Valášek). In June we created our first CD. It was very tiring, it took us three full days. But it was worth it. The CD was introduced in December at our concert at the St. Vavřinec church.


In March, we recorded Requiem by Horák for the Czech Radio together with the Picollo Coro choir. In May we took part in the choir festival in Hradec Králové. We were one of the three choirs to sing at the gala opening concert, and subsequently we took part in the festival performances like everyone else.

In October, again with Picolo Coro, Octopus, and the Picolo Orchestra we performed the first part of the oratory Eliáš by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The concert took place at the St. Ignác church at the Charles Square in Prague. In December we were one of the participants of the 3rd Advent Concert performed for the Czech Television.


Throughout the year we sung at various Hussite or Evangelical churches at Česká Třebová, Sázava, Rudolfov and in Prague. In October we took part in the Smíchovské benefice event (a series of beneficiary concerts in Prague). We were involved with this event already in the summer, and the October performance was a very nice “icing on the cake” to top it all off.

At the December concert in Odolená voda, we sang the Mass in D Major by Antonín Dvořák, together with Renata Pušová, soprano, Pavla Štěpničková, alto, Petr Štěpnička, tenor, and Jaromír Nosek, bass, and the organist Jiřina Marešová.